Late delivery from a supplier, customers under order, or an error in the warehouse can create a need to have items delivered to a customer before their next scheduled delivery. We can handle local and long distance re-deliveries to keep your customers happy.

Transfer to Cool Storage

Temperature control is important for food safety. In the event your stores freezer/refrigerator stops functioning and is not an easy fix, Cool Frog Transit can move your inventory to a storage facility of your choice. Options include a sister store or facility with extra storage. i.e. grocery store, cold storage, or your supplier. We understand temperature protocols and how important they are to the safety of your product. We will partner with you to keep your product from spoilage.

Dock to Dock

Branch dates, supplier issues, and unexpected customer demand can create inventory needs in different facilities. When you need a few pallets of product moved from one facility to another, quickly, let us help. Our smaller cargo space means we can make runs with only your product and have a faster turnaround. We pick up from your dock and head toward the destination since we don’t need to fill a large box truck or semi to justify runs.