Our 2016 Ford Transit ​
Connect has a 242 gallon ThermoKing Cold Cube in the cargo area that will maintain -6° to 42°F. There is space available for non- temperature controlled items but is smaller than available cold space.
  1. Dock to Dock
    Dock to Dock
    Branch dates, short supply, and OSD affect inventory levels. When you need to move dock to dock Cool Frog Transit can help.
  2. Transfer to cool storage
    Transfer to cool storage
    In the unfortunate event your walk in goes down and parts are not readily available, we offer store to cold storage transportation.
  3. Redelivery Service
    Redelivery Service
    Even with all the technology available items get left on the dock and customers forget to order. We offer temperature controlled delivery options directly to your customer.
About Us
 We are a "small temperature  controlled shipment specialist." We operate a brand new Ford Transit Connect with a Thermo King Cold Cube unit. Thirteen years of experience delivering food to eateries, we understand produce and frozen delivery practices. Whether you are moving product from one distribution center to another or need to get product to a customer today, we can help. We enjoy the long hauls to see the country and the short runs to ensure your customers have product to operate with.